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Mobile Phones

Hercules HDP DJ M 40.1


DJ headphones for all uses
95 dB at 1 mW sensitivity, strong output level lets you preview tracks in any environment
50 mm diameter drivers, clear playback for strong bass response
20Hz-20kHz, bandwidth covers all audible frequencies, to preview what your speakers can play
60 ohm drivers, low enough impedance for strong output volume on DJ gear, computers and mobile audio players

Trendy design
Large ear-cups
Black fabric, matte black housing

Swivel housing for convenient use
Easy 1-ear monitoring
Easy folding and mobility
Extending arms for both large and small heads

Efficient sound isolation
Large ear pads shield the users ears from ambient noise
Closed-back ear-cups prevent sound from bleeding out

Comfortable housing
Ear pads width and softness isolate the users ears

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