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Action Adventure
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Role Playing
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Bakugan Battle Brawlers

Release Date: October 2009
Bakugan tells the story of Dan and his friends as they battle their Bakugan Brawlers to save the planet of Vestroia and, ultimately, Earth from destruction.

Everything a Bakugan enthusiast .
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Bakugan Battle Brawlers Defenders of the Core

Release Date: Nov 2010
In Bakugan Battle Brawlers: Defenders of the Core, players will create a new hero and lead the brawlers on an epic adventure to save Earths cities from Spectra and his Vexos minions.

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Crash Mind Over Mutant

Release Date: October 2008
In Crash Bandicoot: Mind over Mutant, a rejuvenated Neo Cortex is taking over the world one brain at a time! Cortex and N. Brio devise a new kind of evil, a text messaging, do-anything device which co.
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Rayman Legends

Release Date: August 2013
Rayman, Globox and the Teensies are back to embark on a new fantasy adventure through a series of legendary worlds with new environments, characters and enemies. Rayman Legends features a variety of u.
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Rayman Origins

Release Date: Nov 2011
When the Glade of Dreams is overrun by nefurrious Darktoons, the Fairy Council hastily invokes Rayman to save the day. To help him, Rayman teams up with his best friend, Globox, and two crafty wizards.
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Sonic Generations

Release Date: Nov 2011
Celebrate 20 years of Sonic with Sonic Generations Delivering the definitive gaming experience for Sonic fans old and new, Sonic Generations sees Sonic the Hedgehog playable as both the much loved cla.
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The Smurfs 2 The Video Game

Release Date: July 2013
The Smurfs 2 video game is an action-packed adventure platformer that provides Smurfs fans of all ages with the opportunity to dive into the magical Smurfs Village and relive iconic moments and key en.
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XBLA Triple Pack

Release Date: April 2011
A compilation pack of three popular Xbox 360 games: Limbo, Trials HD, & 'Splosion Man..
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